Custom Software Development

 In many cases, custom software development is a faster, more conscious choice than buying off-the-shelf products and in the long term it is even less costly. In addition to these advantages there are neither functional limitations nor subsequent licence fees.

The most important step when developing suitable custom software is the perfect understanding of business needs and finding the best technologies. Quick advances in technology can be helpful; adequate experience and planning can lead to a solution that perfectly meets business needs. Our company and our team knowing the specifics of several industries are able to meet the challenges, thus ensuring business success.

During software development we apply internationally recognized methodologies, increasingly agile methodologies that are characterized by flexibility (e.g. Scrum). Our development team has outstanding experience in complex projects where Java and .Net technologies have been applied. Click here for the detailed list of technologies we are proficient in.


Industry 4.0

Industrial digitalization has become increasingly important - Industry 4.0 tools and solutions facilitate and modernize the daily operations of manufacturing companies. For more than 5 years, DSS Consulting has placed great emphasis on the industrial sector: We have gained experience in custom software solutions, international digitalization projects, and embedded development and testing to help our growing industrial client base achieve its goals.

Thanks to our solutions, we can help our customers achieve the following objectives:

  • a kékReduced administrative burden
  • a kékMore efficient allocation of unused resources
  • a kékMore transparent planning of operator resources and capacities
  • a kékReducing the downtime of machines, more cost-effective operations
  • a kékDigitalization of paper-based workflows
  • a kékMore transparent sales planning for manufactured products
  • a kékTraceability of machinery and work processes

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Nearshore Development

More and more international companies are looking abroad for reliable partners that can efficiently deliver development projects working remotely. When choosing partners for such projects, companies consider not just cost effectiveness but they focus heavily on quality as well. In such cases nearshore activity can be an optimal solution, where choosing development partners that are both geographically and culturally close can assure the best quality at good prices while minimizing risks.

After acquiring experience in domestic projects we have been working on several international nearshore projects located in countries like Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Nearly half of our revenue comes from implementing international projects.

DSS Consulting's nearshore development advantages include:

  • a kékEuropean work ethic, focusing on quality
  • a kékWell-tried project management methodologies and tools
  • a kékTrusted employees with international experience
  • a kékMore than 20 years of experience in software development
  • a kékLow travelling costs due to geographic proximity
  • a kékFluent English and German language skills
  • a kékEfficient communication thanks to the same time zone

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Data Quality and Data Cleansing

 With the emergence of analytical solutions, more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of managing their data as an asset. At the same time they are faced with the problem of having insufficient or inaccurate data. This hinders both the optimal exploitation of the data asset and the implementation of analytical solutions that support the business. Another issue can be the significant latent cost of activities incurred by inaccurate data - even if it does not show up in the budget reports. Such activities include the acquisition of missing information or the correction of inaccurate or insufficient data, dealing with consequences of business decisions made based on incorrect data and activities that are focusing on problems related to customer satisfaction.

Our company was the first to detect this issue in 1999 and to invest in a thorough and complex solution that contains the following:

  • a kékThe detection and assessment of data quality issues
  • a kékShaping up data handling strategies, regulations
  • a kékThe automatic correction of existing data and the automatic supplement for missing data
  • a kékReal-time data cleansing during data recording or modification, thus solving data quality problems for a long term

The outstanding advantage of our solution is that it contains a proprietary data cleansing tool and algorithms developed with an experience of more than 20 years as well as innovative, unique data validation solutions. We focus on real customer value during our projects, so our goal is not only to achieve adequate data quality but also to support our customers in finding quantifiable benefits.

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Software Testing

 The success of IT projects lies in thorough business and functional testing of the software. The tasks related to testing are the following:

  • a kékCreating the testing strategy fitting the company’s IT strategy
  • a kékOutlining testing methodology
  • a kékDefining test management and test coordinating tasks related to the project
  • a kékPerforming manual and automated tests

We express our guarantee by keeping to and performing the above written tasks in order to ensure that the software has been tested adequately and this can lead to successful projects and customer satisfaction.


Data Migration

With our data migration methodology and solution, we can support the data migration activities of organizations in a cost-effective way during system implementations and core builds. We can contribute to cost-effective data migration projects in the following ways: 

  • a kékThe conceptual planning of data migration
    a kékOrganized and monitored implementation of large-scale data movements between systems during system changes and system implementations
    a kékBuilding a single deduplicated master database from the customer data coming from several systems 
    a kékWith a rule-based, flexibly parameterized system with built-in data cleaning and data manipulation procedures


Data Warehouse and BI Solutions

 Our company is the pioneer in business data mining projects in Hungary. We were the first to recognize the importance of the business use of data mining methods and have implemented successful projects in the telecommunications, banking and insurance sectors, the pharmaceutical market, healthcare, logistics and commerce.

With the help of our business data mining and data analytics solutions, you can turn your current untapped data assets into real business value, giving you answers to questions such as:

  • a kékWho are your customers, what are their characteristics and can they be segmented?
    a kékWhich customers will leave you in the near future and why?
    a kékWhich products can be offered in a package?
    a kékAre there any signs of abuse in your database?
    a kékHow do you decide if a signer will put their own signature on a document?

 The principles of gradual approach and agile development also apply to our data warehousing, business intelligence and analytical projects. The phased planning and implementation will bring real business results a few months after the start of the project, providing a good basis for implementing the next phases. In many cases, the distance between IT and business can be reduced by developing self-service BI solutions that can flexibly serve the rapidly changing needs of business.

What we can provide you with include:

  • a kékReal business results, fast payback, risk-free, real competitive advantage
    a kékTechnology consulting during project planning
    a kékEducational and awareness-raising activities that ensure that the completed system truly becomes part of the organizational culture and effectively supports the company's day-to-day operational and decision-making processes