Customized software development

In order to maintain or increase competitive edge customized software development in many cases is a faster, more conscious choice and in the long term is even cheaper than buying off the shelf products. In addition to these advantages there are neither functional limitations nor following licence costs.

The most important step when developing a suitable customized software is the perfect understanding of business needs and finding the best technologies. The quickly advancing technology can help a lot and adequate experience and planning can lead to a solution that can perfectly meet business needs. Our company and our colleagues knowing the specifics of several areas are able to meet the challenges ensuring thus business success.

Along the software development we apply internationally recognized methodologies, in the past years mainly those agile methodologies that are characterized by flexibility. (e.g.Scrum) Our development team has outstanding experience in complex projects where Java and .Net technologies have been used.

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Nearshore development

More and more international companies are looking abroad for reliable partners that can help them efficiently delivering development projects with remote access. When choosing partners for such projects companies consider not just cost effectiveness but they focus heavily on quality as well. In such cases nearshore activity can be an optimal solution where choosing companies that are both geographically and culturally close can assure the best quality on good prices while minimizing risks.

After acquiring experience in domestic projects we have been working on several international nearshore projects located countries like Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Close to half of our revenue comes from implementing international projects.

DSS Consulting Ltd.s’ nearshore development advantages:

  • European work ethic, focusing on quality
  • Well-tried project management methodologies and tools
  • Trusted employees with international experience
  • Nearly 20 years of experience in the domain of software development
  • Low travelling costs due to geographical location
  • Fluent English and German language skills
  • Efficient communication thanks to the same time zone.


Business Intelligence and Analytical solutions

With the appearance of the first and second generation Data Warehouses the business intelligence solutions based on data warehouses and data marts have become more and more into focus. In business value is represented by those analytical solutions that can support efficiently business analysis, planning and the preparation of decision making. Our starting point is not the technology but rather the business need and the collective thinking on how business processes and decisions can be supported more efficiently with the given technology.

All the analytical projects, business intelligence solutions and data warehouse projects are executed relying on the principles of agile development and step-by-step methodology. The planning and implementation divided into phases can be productive at an early phase, right after a few months after the project has started and this can serve as an excellent foundation for the execution of the following phases. The payback period of these projects is very short, risks are minimized and real competitive edge is guaranteed. The gap between IT and business can be bridged with self-service BI solutions that can be adapted easily to the changing needs of business areas. The implementation can start at a certain business area and then spread from here to the branches of the organization followed by other project phases.

In the planning phases of the project business and technological consultancy services are given in order to ensure that the solution is going to fit easily into the company’s business and decision making processes. When the project is implemented trainings and knowledge transfer is essential to help the integration of the new system into corporate culture and support the daily operational and decision making processes.


Data Quality and Data Cleansing

As the analytical solutions are spreading more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of managing the company’s data as an asset. At the same time they are faced with the problem of having insufficient or inaccurate quality data. This problem hinders both the optimal exploitation of the data asset and the implementation of analytical solutions that support the business. Another problem can be a significant latent cost that springs from activities performed based on inaccurate information that is paid by the company even if it does not show up in the budget reports. Such activities are those that target the acquisition of missing information or those that are concerned with the correction of inaccurate, insufficient data, dealing with consequences of business decisions made on incorrect data and activities that are focusing on problems related to customer satisfaction.

Our company was the first to detect this problem in 1999 and to invest in it giving a thorough and complex solution that contains the following:

  • The detection and assessment of data quality problems
  • Shaping up data handling strategies, regulations
  • The automatic correction of the existing data and the automatic supplement for missing data
  • Real time data cleansing at the data recording or modification process solving thus for a long term data quality problems.

The outstanding advantage of our solution is that it contains a proprietary data cleansing tool and algorithms developed with an experience of 17 years and innovative, unique data validation opportunities. We find it very important that along our projects we focus on real customer values so our aim is not only to achieve adequate data quality but also to support our customers in finding several advantages.

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Data Mining and Data Analysis

Our company is the pioneer in Hungary who executed data mining projects in business. We were among the first ones to see the importance of using data mining methods in business and to execute successful projects in the area of telecommunication, banking and insurance, pharmacology, healthcare, logistics and trade. Data mining solutions can contribute to every company’s success who realizes that information in expert hands can be transformed into an abundant source of profit. Using data mining tools the loss coming from handling inaccurate data can be significantly reduced while the new system produces profit by exploiting the already existent data asset.

Using data mining tools can helps in cases where the traditional reporting practices fail because by organizing and analysing accumulated data can help in making the following step.

With the help of our business data mining and data analysing tools you can transform your unused data asset into a real business asset and in the meanwhile the following questions can be answered:

  • Who are your customers, what are their characteristics and what kind of groups do they belong to?
  • Which customers are you going to lose in the near future and why?
  • Which products might prove worthy of being offered in packages?
  • Are there any signs in your database that imply a certain misuse?
  • How can you decide if a signatory is the real signatory of a document?

Several data mining methods and algorithms have already been used in a series of innovative, research-development projects where the end result was a market leading product in the area of image processing, geoinformatics, logistic optimization and health diagnostics.

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The success of IT projects lies in the thorough and adequate testing of the development. The tasks related to testing are the following:

  • shaping up the testing strategy that is suitable with the company’s IT strategy
  • shaping up the testing methodology
  • and defining test management and test coordinating tasks related to the project
  • performing manual and automated tests.

We express our guarantee by keeping to and performing the above written tasks in order to ensure that the software has been tested adequately and this can lead to successful projects and customer satisfaction.



To find a solution to a problem in the easiest and shortest possible way is everyone’s dream. In our accelerating wold the only way to find an immediate answer to a question is to have a well-defined task that needs to be solved right before the need materializes. Research development main priority is exactly this – finding answers to future questions.

The aim of our research development activity is to help our customers make use of theoretical results with the help of methodological researches and tool development.

In our projects we are focusing on finding the most compatible solutions with our customers’ needs that can satisfy user demands in the long run. Thanks to our experience of nearly two decades we are able to detect demands before the implementation starts that our customers could not even define..